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    Daily iPad App: Quicklytics is the Analytics client that Google should have made


    If you obsess over your website traffic and bemoan the fact that Google doesn't have a decent iOS Analytics client, then you should take a moment to check out Quicklytics. Quicklytics pulls your Google Analytics data and gives you a detailed look at your almost realtime** website traffic in just a few taps.

    The iPad version of the app has an attractive, split-pane layout that places the most commonly checked statistics at the top of the screen in portrait view or on the left in landscape. This section includes a graph and six smaller panes that show metrics like pageviews, visits, goals value and more. Tapping on the pane changes the graph, which now shows the data for the metric you just selected. Tap and hold on one of these panes, and you can change the metric. It's an intuitive layout that packs a lot of information into a relatively compact space.

    The other section of Quicklytics contains the bulk of your metrics. You can view your audience information, sources of your traffic, content information and ad conversions. Each one of these sections has between 10 and 30 variables that you can pour over. Quicklytics also supports multiple Google analytics accounts, and you can easily switch between each one with a swipe to the left or to the right. It's a staggering amount of data that you can carry around with you in your bag.

    There are several smaller features that make Quicklytics useful for anyone who is involved in running a website. With a single tap, you can compile a report and share the metrics for a variable like visit duration, device information and others. There is support for filters so you can curb the firehose of data when you need to look at the little picture instead of the big one. A series of tabs let you view your traffic data for today, yesterday, the month, or a custom time frame.

    Quicklytics is available in the iOS App Store for US$1.99, down from the regular $4.99. This sale price is available through Friday.

    **How quickly you will see your data change is dependent on your site's traffic. Smaller sites, like the ones I tested with, will see changes hit the app faster, while larger sites may take longer to update. In general, the developer says most sites will see traffic updates every 5-10 minutes.

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