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Stealth Bastard gets a new name: Stealth Inc - A Clone in the Dark


Stealth Bastard, Curve Studios' sneaky puzzle platformer, has cleaned up its act and now sports a new name, as suggested by two fans: Stealth Inc – A Clone in the Dark. Curve held a contest to rename Stealth Bastard ahead of its launch on PS3 and Vita, promising the winner a Vita, a copy of the game and his name in the credits. Curve ended up picking two names and mashing them together, giving each person the grand prize.

"I'd like to express my gratitude to all 3,500+ of you that entered (yes, even those of you who submitted the perverted Stealth Orgasm, the outlandish Ze goggles! Zey do something! and the more classy El Chappo Stealtho)," Curve Lead Designer Sam Robinson writes. "They were all worthy titles, but there could be only one... well, two!"

RIP Stealth Bastard, and long live Stealth Inc – A Clone in the Dark, coming to Vita and PS3 this summer.

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