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Who's afraid of a little ol' bear?

It appears that WoW Insider's illustrious editor-in-chief Alex Ziebart is afraid of bears. While acknowleding their real-world badassery, he still seems confounded by their power.

Bears? Really? But players chimed in: Bears are notoriously tough, from Azeroth to Earth and other worlds online. I'd agree that bears are tough cookies and I give them wide berth, but they don't inspire the same fear in me that skeletons do. There's no getting around the unnatural aggro radius of even a garden variety skeleton. Oozes are like that, too; my head tells me I'm not afraid of them, but they aggro and gank me in some pitiful, overbalanced way every single time.

Confess: Is there some type of monster you're irrationally afraid of and avoid on principle, no matter what level it might be? Is it unique to Azeroth, or do you find that that particular beastie remains your nemesis in every game you play?

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