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Bidding for coffee with Tim Cook breaks $550,000


Two days ago, we reported on a Charitybuzz auction which was auctioning off coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple's headquarters. Since the "item" first became available for bidding, the price to sit down with the Apple CEO has continued to rise to incredibly high levels.

At the time of this writing, there have currently been 78 bids with the leading bid now checking in at a whopping $560,000. Benefits from the auction will be going to the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights. Note that Charitybuzz keeps 20 percent of each winning bid.

Incredibly, the $560,000 bid for a sit-down with Cook is an all-time record for Charitybuzz and becomes all the more impressive when one looks at the current bids for other celebrity meetings. For example, the current high bid for lunch with Francis Ford Coppola in Napa Valley is $4,500. An opportunity to meet with Robert DeNiro is currently going for $2,250, while a private tennis lesson with Rafael Nadal is going for $31,000.

The enormous bid to interact with Cook is an all-time Charity Buzz record. Previously, the highest bid the site ever received was $255,000 for the opportunity to shadow Bill Clinton for a day.

Bidding on coffee with Cook closes on May 14 so it'll be interesting to see just how high the bidding goes. I can only imagine how high the bidding would have been for a sit down with Steve Jobs.

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