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Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite solo activity?

Sure, we all love to play WoW with our friends, but sometimes schedules don't match up or we just don't have the time to play with a group. So what's there left to do? Solo! It may be different than group challenges, but WoW is full of quests, achievements, dailies, crafting, playing the auction house, and even lower level content you can solo for the for the fun or the challenge. Plenty of these are perfectly practical, netting you gold, experience, or reputation, we find soloing old dungeons are raids to be some of the most fun. Not because it nets you anything useful (because it usually doesn't), but because it's a challenge and an interesting way to revisit parts of the game that we leveled past ages ago.

And, obviously, because when you first played through Scarlet Monastery you probably couldn't pull the whole cathedral at once. And pulling the whole cathedral at once is just plain fun -- at least when it doesn't kill you.

So what about you, Breakfast Topicers? Do you have a favorite WoW solo activity? A dungeon or raid you like to run on your own for the heck of it?

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