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Camelot Unchained explains stealth


There are five days left for Camelot Unchained's Kickstarter program, and it's less than $600,000 away from its lofty $2,000,000 goal. The developers figured that this was a fine time to explain not only how stealth will work in CU but also how stealth failed in past games.

Mark Jacobs explained in the latest update blog that being killed by a stealther generates the most rage and angry email from players. But with Jacob's "bat-s**t crazy" idea regarding stealth, most of the frustration should be alleviated.

The idea revolves around the concept of the Veil, which in simple terms is another dimension that exists alongside our own. Players can become VeilWalkers, moving in and out of the Veil and traversing over and through objects undetected by most players. But VeilWalking comes with consequences of its own in the form of VeilStalkers, players who cannot enter the Veil but can pull Walkers out of it by using skills and placing traps.

Jacobs explained, "The Veil holds mysteries and power, but it comes with a price." What do you think? Is he bat-s**t crazy?

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