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New Chasm demo released as Kickstarter crosses $100k


Discord Games has released a new demo version of its side-scrolling action-RPG Chasm as the game's Kickstarter project enters its third week with over $100,000 in pledges.

Playing like a mashup of Symphony of the Night and Wanderers from Ys, Chasm challenges players to plumb a procedurally generated mineshaft for stat-boosting equipment and other valuable artifacts. The demo version includes the game's first village and a handful of dungeon floors, and gives a good idea of the kind of hack-and-slash action that will be featured in the final release. Watch out for those bats, by the way – they're total jerks.

Discord Games seeks $150,000 to fully fund the project, and notes that Chasm currently ranks at #17 in the Steam Greenlight charts.

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