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New iPhone ad focuses on wonder of photography


If you're old enough to remember the Polaroid SX-70, celebrating its 41st birthday this week, you may remember how it felt to instantly, miraculously see the images you captured appear right before your eyes with one of Polaroid's cameras. Now that we all have superpowered cameras in our pockets, we may not be as tuned in to how photography, especially instant or digital photography, changes the way we see the world around us.

Apple's still tuned in, though. That sense of wonder in photography is fully on display in the newest ad for the iPhone, which highlights the remarkable claim that every day "more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera."

That stat may be based on the long-standing No. 1 rank of the iPhone among cameras used to post photos to Flickr; in fact, that ranking is probably underweighted, since it may not capture the camera types from world-beating image apps like Facebook's Instagram.

The iPhone currently holds the top three spots for individual cameras on Flickr's list (the 4S, 5 and 4), although the iPhone 4 is just about tied with Canon's $3000 EOS 5D Mark II. As PetaPixel and Bloomberg point out, the Japanese camera maker's profits have suffered as the compact photography market erodes versus phone cameras.

You can see the ad embedded below. I particularly enjoy the brief run of panorama shooters at about the 0:38 mark.

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