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This week on gdgt: Samsung plays it safe with the Galaxy S 4

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Each week, our friends at gdgt go through the latest gadgets and score them to help you decide which ones to buy. Here are some of their latest picks -- along with a few you should probably avoid. Want more? Visit gdgt anytime to catch up on the latest, and subscribe to gdgt's newsletter to get a weekly roundup in your inbox.

This week on gdgt Samsung plays it safe with the Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S 4

If you're familiar with Samsung's wildly successful Galaxy S III, you'll immediately recognize the GS4. From the outside, it looks almost identical, though it packs a bigger, higher-resolution display into a device that's actually thinner and lighter than its predecessor. It's also faster, has a better battery and camera, and has a number of interesting new features, including touch-free capabilities, which let you use the phone by hovering your finger over it -- something that's sure to come in handy when you're wearing gloves or eating chicken wings.
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Kobo Aura HD

This week on gdgt Samsung plays it safe with the Galaxy S4

Kobo makes good e-readers for sale in their native Canada and other countries across the world, but they haven't made much of a mark in the United States, due to the market dominance of Amazon and Barnes & Noble. With the Aura HD, however, they've made a product that rivals the best those companies have to offer, and die-hard fans of Kindle and Nook may find their heads turning when they see the screen on the Aura.
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Dell UltraSharp U2713HM

This week on gdgt Samsung plays it safe with the Galaxy S4

With its high resolution, plethora of ports, integrated USB 3.0 hub and exceptional all-around performance the U2713HM is our latest Must-have monitor.
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DNP This week on gdgt Samsung plays it safe with the Galaxy S4ASUS' unique remote and custom interface help provide one of the best Google TV experiences out there, though that isn't really saying much. If you've already bought into the Google Play store and want to combine TV and internet, consider the Cube over other Google TV options. If you just want an internet-connected media player that offers streaming video options, you'll probably be better off with the current offerings from Apple TV or Roku.
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