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iPlayer for Android update brings improved experience on Galaxy S III, Note 2 and Nexus 4, tablets to follow


Excuse us while we interrupt that episode of The Archers, but we thought users of BBC's iPlayer might like to know about the latest Android app update. In addition to various bug fixes, it promises a "much improved" viewing experience on heavy-hitting devices like the Galaxy S III and Note 2, plus the Nexus 4. The Beeb stopped short of spilling further details, but it does go on to confirm that it'll continue to apply spit-and-polish to the playback experience for as much hardware as it can, without having to wait for app updates. We hope this doesn't mean it'll be treading on any toes, of course. Fans of slightly bigger screens (which is more of you, apparently) can expect some attention soon -- a tablet update coming in the next release.

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