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Breakfast Topic: What keeps you coming back to WoW?

We talked recently about what makes WoW a great game, but sometimes being a great game isn't enough. After all, many players have been in World of Warcraft for years now and some of us have played other MMOs before, after, or between our WoW sessions, which all adds up to a lot of game time. It's hard for any game to stay fresh after so many hours played, and sometimes you just get tired and other times you get outright burnt out.

So what do you do then? Maybe you roll a new character, start on a new server, or join a new guild, but it's just as common to walk away from the game entirely -- sometimes that's the only way to keep things fun for you. But a lot of us -- myself included -- keep coming back to WoW. So just why do we keep ending up back in Azeroth? For me, it's the people -- I keep coming back to play with friends. And, while I imagine a similar story applies to many who leave and return, that's the question I'm posing to you this morning: why do you keep coming back to WoW?

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