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Sunday Morning Funnies: Guilded Age

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Each week on SMF, we're highlighting a regularly updating comic from our list. This week, we're focusing on Guilded Age:

Guilded Age is inspired by WoW, and much more loosely based on Azeroth than most of the other comics on the list. It is written by T. Campbell and Phil Kahn and illustrated by John and Jason Waltrip. It is heavily story-based and features beautiful artwork.

It takes place on the continent of Arkerra. The Kingdom of Gastonia and the World's Rebellion (dubbed "The Savage Races") are at war. Gastonia hires a select group of adventurers (the "Peace-Makers") for diplomatic and reconnaissance missions, as well as criminal investigations.

Meanwhile, on Earth, a man is CEO of a major corporation. He devotes himself to working on a virtual world that he insists is real; he claims to have bridged Earth and another realm.

Read all about the characters or learn more about the crew behind the scenes.

Guilded Age updates every weekday.

This week's comics are:

In comic news, Guilded Age Chapter 23 rolls out this week, starting tomorrow!

NPC has a new t-shirt out! It's not, in itself, WoW-related, but as Chloe is a WoW player, she meets the criteria on her own, I think. There's also a guest comic to be seen through that there link, which is also off-topic but fun nonetheless.

What's Shakin' chapter 5 kicked off this week with a colorful action-packed comic. Check it out above!

Have a comic tip for the list? Drop a link into the comments section! We feature both comics that regularly relate to WoW and one-time (or occasional) things, established artists and those who are just starting out.

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