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Super Mario Crossover upgrades to version 3.0


If you've forgotten about Super Mario Bros. Crossover, allow us to refresh your memories. Developed by Exploding Rabbit, Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a browser-based game that allows players to run and jump their way through Super Mario Bros. using a variety of characters from other game properties. In celebration of the crossover game's third anniversary, Exploding Rabbit decided it's time to unveil version 3.0 of the game in a new trailer.

Of the newer updates to Super Mario Bros. Crossover, the game's new levels stand out. Taken from one of Mario's more obscure appearances, Super Mario Bros. Special, the landscape of the levels changes with the game's difficulty settings. The game also received new skins, including ones inspired by the Castlevania series and Super Mario Bros. 2.

Exploding Rabbit raised $53,509 on Kickstarter in June 2012 to fund the development of its original platformer, Super Retro Squad.

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