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Class of Heroes 2 physical/digital combo pack now up for preorder


Gaijinworks is gearing up to launch a localized version of Acquire's PSP dungeon-crawling RPG Class of Heroes 2, and has opened preorders for a physical UMD edition that also includes a downloadable copy of the game.

For $36.99, buyers will receive a digital voucher for Class of Heroes 2 once it hits the PlayStation Network next month. A boxed physical version will be shipped to preorder customers an estimated 4-8 weeks after preorders close on May 8th.

Published in partnership with MonkeyPaw Games, Class of Heroes 2 is a first-person, Wizardry-like dungeon crawler with a focus on character customization. A Kickstarter project for a proposed deluxe edition didn't reach its funding goal, but a limited physical release entered production after meeting with a positive fan response.

"[Class of Heroes 2 is] not out of QA yet, but I'd imagine it should be up on PSN about the 3rd week in May, and the physical a few weeks after that," Gaijinworks founder Victor Ireland notes. "The QA is really just a formality because all that changed was a couple lines of text cleaned up and the opening removed until the rights situation is cleared."

Class of Heroes 2 was originally released in Japan in 2009. Since then, a number of sequel titles have debuted for platforms including the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS. To date, only the first PSP entry in the series has seen a North American release.

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