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Do you cheat on WoW?


The other day Olivia asked if you cheated on your faction, and we found a bunch of you were two-timing the Alliance (which I mean, is totally understandable, since that one GM you spoke to seven years ago said lok'tar at the end of the conversation, clearly showing the horde bias Blizzard has) (p.s., that GM was Mike Sacco), (p.p.s., plot twist: it was really Zarhym). This got me thinking, if everyone is jumping ship to the other faction once in a while, what about another game?

For me WoW is always there, but I often do find myself grabbing the latest attempt at an MMO, or the newest RPG, FPS, or 4X strategy game (I hear that StarDrive is fun, planning on grabbing that soon). These other games keep me entertained through for a month or two, but I always, without fail, end up going back to WoW. And it's not that I stop playing WoW while these other games are going on either, I just won't be as dedicated to it as I am normally.

Other games are a necessary component of any gamer's life cycle, especially as it relates to playing a game like WoW long term. There's a lot of major effort we have to put into WoW in order to play it like many of us do, and just like everything else in life, a change of scenery is good for the soul. We are, after all, closely related to the nomadic roaming tribes of prehistory, not too far removed in actuality. Our genetics is not to stay at one place, with one thing, too long -- just as we roamed the plains, so too must we roam the games.

But we always return to that special spot, that special place we've marked as home -- the inn off the bank in Stormwind for me. It'll be there when I log in for five minutes tomorrow to check my AH dealings, and it'll be there when I raid full time again over the summer months.

There are a lot of other games I play than WoW, a lot of times I'm sneaking around behind it's back. But what about you, do you cheat on WoW?


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