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Not So Massively: Cash MOBA tournaments, Diablo III's latest exploit, and city-building with Prime World


Details of this year's $1,600,000 US Dota 2 world championship have been released ahead of next month's qualifiers for the remaining three competitor spots. Heroes of Newerth began gearing up for its own tournament at DreamHack Summer 2013 with details of a qualifier tournament to determine which teams will face off at the event. Team Stay Green may be in with a chance if it enters, as the group just took home $32,000 US following a decisive win in the HoNTour grand finals.

A new Diablo III exploit that allowed Witch Doctors to farm XP by repeatedly killing their pets was discovered this week and promptly hotfixed. Riot Games released spotlight videos for newly revamped League of Legends champions Trundle and Sejuani, and CLG pro gamer Peter "Doublelift" Peng discussed his challenging road to success and heartbreaking family issues in a fantastic short documentary for Machinima.

Turbine released details of two new Infinite Crisis champions this week with video spotlights on hulking brute Doomsday and the gadget-wielding Gaslight Batman. Russian success Prime World let press into the English language beta for a first look at its castle-building and MOBA style gameplay. Rise of Immortals geared up for the official launch of its Battle For Graxia game overhaul with the addition of a new reputation system. And Star Citizen developer Chris Roberts revealed that he's been holding off on accepting investor deals because of the success of the game's crowdfunding campaigns.

Infinite Crisis title image
Turbine's upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis released two new champions this week with video spotlights on Doomsday and Gaslight Batman. Doomsday is a melee brawler with abilities that let him charge enemies into walls and pummel them to deal some serious damage. If he dies, Doomsday will respawn with a revenge bonus against his killer that increases the damage Doomsday deals to the target and reduces incoming damage from him.

Gaslight Batman is a tech-savvy ranged assassin with a plethora of gadgets at his disposal. His basic attacks apply a debuff that grants vision of the enemy hit for a few seconds and reduces their attack defense. He can throw his sonic batarang at a selected enemy champion; it will bounce to hit nearby champions. He can also launch sonic shells that deal damage in an area and slow enemies that are hit. His ultimate ability launches a huge sonic blast that travels across the entire map and can be used to snipe fleeing enemy champions. Of course, Batman wouldn't be complete without the bat-rope, which he can use to swing forward through the air and kick enemies in his path.

Dota 2 title image
Valve announced Dota 2's next world championship tournament, The International, this week. In previous years, The International has had a top prize of $1,000,000 US and a further $600,000 US in smaller awards. Though details of the prize pool have yet to be confirmed, it's assumed that this year will be the same. Sixteen teams will compete in the tournament from August 7th to 11th in Seattle, 11 of which have already been named. Two more professional teams have yet to be invited, and the remaining three will be decided by the West and East qualifiers next month.

Heroes of Newerth title image
Heroes of Newerth has published details of the qualifiers for its annual DreamHack 2013 cash-prize tournament. Up to 128 teams will compete in the qualifiers next month for the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the world's biggest gaming LAN event in Sweden. The winning team will receive a $4,000 travel allowance, free hotels, and a spot in the grand final of this year's 200,000 SEK tournament.

The first season of the HoN Tour league has officially drawn to a close with an epic three-round face-off between this season's top competitors, Stay Green and Trademark eSports. Stay Green secured a decisive victory in the third round to take home the $32,000 US top prize, while Trademark eSports won a respectable $14,000 US.

Prime World title image
As Russian developer Nival gears up for the North American and European launches of Prime World, members of the press have been invited to give the game a try. Massively freelancer Andrew Ross gave his first impressions of the game this week based on his playtest session, and Nival has been streaming the game this week. MMO Hut has published the interesting video below of the game in action, highlighting the unique mix of persistent city-building and session-based MOBA gameplay. The game can't really be defined as just a MOBA; Nival is calling it "roleplaying strategy."

Rise of Immortals title image
Free-to-play MOBA Rise of Immortals recently rebranded itself with the subtitle Battle for Graxia as part of a huge overhaul designed to make the game more familiar to current MOBA players. The update has been in beta for some time while key features like match replays were added, but developer Petroglyph has now announced that the game will officially go live next week. The latest patch rebalanced the stats of some items and immortals and added a new reputation system that encourages players to upvote friendly allies and respectable enemies.

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League of Legends has been around so long that its roster of characters has grown to immense proportions, but some of the older champions are in need of a few tweaks. This week Riot Games released new video spotlights on 2010 champion Trundle and January 2012's Sejuani to celebrate their new graphical updates and gameplay reworks. Both champions have been redesigned from the bottom up using the same development standards as newer characters, and both are now much better junglers.

If your gaming habits have ever caused you to lock horns with your parents, check out Machinima's insightful interview on the topic with Counter Logic Gaming's Peter "Doublelift" Peng. Peter's arguments with his parents over his gaming habits came to a head when he went pro and began entering tournaments, but the League of Legends community and his good friend Travis helped him get back on his feet.

Star Citizen title image
Star Citizen developer Chris Roberts admitted this week that he's been holding off on closing deals with investors because of the runaway success of the game's crowdfunding campaigns. It's estimated that Star Citizen will cost around $20 million US to develop and push to market, but a total of just over $9 million and counting has already been raised through crowdfunding. Roberts argues that the less funding the studio has to take in from outside investment, the better financial state it'll be in after release and the more funds will be available for future development.

To encourage further pledges to its crowdfunding campaign, Roberts Space Industries is temporarily offering new pledge levels that include an alternate special edition of the Aurora starting ship. Developers also warn that prices for the various pledge level are about to go up and that this is the last chance to pre-order Star Citizen at the current price level.

Diablo III title image
Diablo III has had its fair share of bugs and exploits since launch, from Barbarians getting stuck mid-charge for bonus on-hit effects to last year's invulnerable Wizard glitch. News of a new exploit that reportedly allows Witch Doctors to rapidly farm XP has been making the rounds this week, and Blizzard was quick to respond with warnings about using the glitch. The bug, introduced with patch 1.0.7, allegedly granted Witch Doctors XP from the death of their summoned pets in the Scorched Chapel. Blizzard claims to have received bug reports on the error before the patch went live but missed them until after the patch was released.

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