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Rex Rocket Kickstarter looks pretty mega, man


What's that, another pixel-art game inspired by the likes of Mega Man and Metroid on Kickstarter? And why not! Rex Rocket tells the story of ... Rex Rocket, a war hero aboard the "epic star cruiser" SS Montana. His days of combat over, he's now saddled with the mundane job of ferrying a bunch of scientists and "Terra-Oozlings" to the Washington solar system. Naturally, things don't go according to plan. Long story short, Rex soon finds himself battling escaped Oozlings, haywire robots and the SS Montana's damaged computer.

The game features plenty of weapons, exploration, puzzles, platforming, a sweet chiptune soundtrack and lots of enemies. Developers Rob Maher and Tyler Bud are seeking $6,000 to fund the project, with a planned release in January 2014. Rex Rocket is guaranteed on PC, though the duo hopes to port it to pretty much everything, including Mac, Wii U, 3DS, Vita, Xbox Live Indie Games, iOS and Ouya.

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