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Star Command boldly sets launch date for this Thursday


Star Command is finally ready to explore the stars this Thursday, May 2, on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Developer Warballoon notes the Android version is set to leave space dock next, followed by PC.

The ambitious mobile project first appeared on federation sensors in 2011 when it created a Kickstarter to up its budget and test the waters for an Android port.

Justin Coombs, designer and art director at the Boulder-based developer, told us at the time, "We don't want Star Command to be a good mobile game, we want it to be just a great game, in the conversation with PC and console releases."

The game's Kickstarter also occurred in the pre-Double Fine era, with some harsh lessons learned about crowdsource financing.

A 13-minute preview of Star Command was posted late last year, but it's now only a few short days until the game is finally ready to beam to iOS devices.

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