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Around Azeroth: Behind every great man is a very small panda

We at Around Azeroth recently received this frantic phone call (collect, natch) warning us about a potentially explosive story:
"This is Donhorn, ace druid reporter for Terminus on Icecrown (US-H), coming to you live from Orgrimmar where I have found out about a dark pact that features the most unlikely of duos: Garrosh Hellscream and Lou Lou the baby panda! He may just look cute sitting next to the portal to Pandaria while giving Magic Bamboo Shoots to people, but that's just a front. He is actually the mastermind behind all of Garrosh's insane decisions recently and has been working diligently to bring the Burning Legion directly to the heart of Orgrimmar! This fiendish little ball of fluff must be stopped at all costs!"

Efforts to follow up on this accusation have been met with repeated laughter from Horde officials.

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