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Nest updates iOS app and adds notifications

Mel Martin

The popular Nest Thermostat has updated its internal software to version 3.5, and pushed out a new iOS app to control it. Most people should have had their thermostats updated automatically at some point yesterday. The software is being billed as summer enhancements to the thermostat aimed at better handling of high temperatures.

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The new software allows the thermostat to make sure that sun shining on the hardware does not create false indoor temperature readings. The thermostat also has enhanced fan controls. The auto-away function has also been retooled, so it can better predict when you are coming home and have the house precisely at the temperature you want.

The new iOS app supports these new hardware features by allowing you to control them remotely, and now feature notifications on when a filter change is due for your HVAC system. The app also displays seasonal savings and energy history.

Apple and other retailers are selling the Nest Thermostat, which was designed by former iPod designer Tony Fadell. The app requires iOS 5 and is optimized for the iPhone 5. It's universal so it displays at full resolution on the iPad.

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