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Rumor: Respawn game exclusive to next Xbox


The first game from Respawn Entertainment, the studio formed by former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella, is reportedly exclusive to the next-generation Xbox. According to Kotaku sources, Microsoft's coup keeps the unannounced game off Sony and Nintendo platforms. One source told the site there'll also be an Xbox 360 version.

One of Kotaku's sources says Respawn's game is, surprise surprise, a multiplayer shooter, with battles featuring giant mechanical walkers called Titans - it was recently revealed Respawn trademarked the term 'Titan.'

Whatever it is, Respawn's game is under EA's co-publishing Partners program. Despite the label reportedly shuttering, the studio says everything's going "fine" for its next game. Presumably in response to Kotaku's story, the studio's official account tweeted "Wow! Lots of speculation tonight. Great to see excitement about our project but you'll all have to wait for E3 for details."

So... not May 21, then? Having said that, there's no denial there either. In any case, we've reached out to Respawn for comment.

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