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Steam deals: Stealth Bastard, Closure, Snapshot, more this week


This week, Steam is discounting a dozen different indie games. Stealth Bastard Deluxe, a fast-paced 2D stealth game from Curve Studios, is a tempting $4.99. Closure, the dark platformer from Eyebrow Interactive, is a mere $3.39 – definitely worth the pittance. Snapshot is also $3.39, a puzzle platformer from Kyle Pulver built upon an inventive photography mechanic.

Retrovirus is half-off at $10, a shooter where players guide a ship through a computer system to eradicate a virus. Turret-based strategy game Sol Survivor is next on the list, down to $2.49 for the remainder of the sale. Spark Unlimited's Legendary, a shooter based on the Pandora's Box myth, joins the sale soiree for $1.24; Nikopal: Secrets of the Immortals is also $1.24, a 3D adventure game set in France during the year 2023. BC Kings, also $1.24, is s a strategy game set in the stone age.

The final three games rounding out the list are: Puzzle Kingdoms for $3.74, a game from the creators of Puzzle Quest in very much the same vein; 4 Elements, a color-matching game from Playrix Entertainment set in a fantasy world, for $2; and Cave Story+ for $4.99, Nicalis' port of Daisuke Amaya's lauded platform-adventure game. All of these games are on sale until May 6 at 10am PT.

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