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Tennis player tweets out love for Samsung Galaxy S4... from his iPhone


Look, famous people. I don't think anyone believes you endorse the products you endorse because you believe in them. We know your motivation is fat stacks of cash, preferably high enough to reach the ceiling. But think of endorsements like method acting; if you're going to put us through them at least take it seriously.

Case in point, tennis player David Ferrer, who Tweeted today about how much the new Galaxy S4 phone's S Health feature was helping his training. That seems like a nice, on point message right? The only problem is Ferrer sent the Tweet from his iPhone.

Twitter user @Jaimenovoa was able to screen cap the Tweet before whoever runs Ferrer's Twitter page had the gaffe taken down. Thankfully Novoa was kind enough to translate the message in another Tweet.

Let this be a lesson to anyone entering the world of social media advertising. Cover your tracks and always Tweet from the device you're shilling for.

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