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Vine 1.1 update enables the front-facing camera and user mentions


Vine, the micro-filmmaking cousin of Twitter, has just been updated to version 1.1 with a few important new features. The biggest addition is the ability to use the front-facing camera on your iPhone, making it easier than ever to switch angles on the fly. No longer will you have to restart filming a video because you were trying to film your own face and accidentally aimed over your shoulder.

Version 1.1 also brings user mentions to posts, similar to how you add friends on Twitter. Simply add an @ -- either manually or via the new "mention" button -- and type in their name like you would in Twitter. People search has been improved as well, adding the ability to look up other users by their Twitter handles. The new app is available for download right now.

In the interest of science I tested the new forward-facing camera feature while writing this post. Here is the result:

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