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Eliot Lefebvre

It's nearly May, and that means that World of Tanks developer is keeping up a tradition that's run since the game first became playable. May is National Veteran Appreciation Month, and every year the studio offers package deals to players offering a variety of in-game benefits at a discounted price while donating some of the proceeds to veteran support groups.

This year features two bundles. The first offers 2,000 gold and 2 million credits for $23.39; the second offers 10,000 gold, 1.2 million credits, 90 days of premium account status, and a special T-34 tank and garage slot for $115.99. 10% of each sale will be donated to Homes For Our Troops, AMVETS, and the Military Families Fund. So if you want to trundle along in a semi-historical military playground while supporting the brave individuals that made that possible, you can pick yourself up some nice toys in the process.

[Source: press release]

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