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Banjo-Kazooie composer creating soundtrack for Castle of Illusion remake


Grant Kirkhope, composer of many standout soundtracks during the Nintendo 64 era, revealed via tweet that he is putting the finishing touches on a collection of tracks for Sega's coming remake of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.

Kirkhope began working with developer Rare in 1995, producing music for GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark, among other games. Kirkhope's first solo composition project, Banjo-Kazooie, remains one of the N64's best-known and widely acclaimed soundtracks.

Kirkhope also wrote Donkey Kong 64's unforgettable "DK Rap." You might say that he's one hell of a guy.

Castle of Illusion HD Starring Mickey Mouse will premiere on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC this summer.

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