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Heirloom Shields looking good for patch 5.3

Heirloom shields are looking good for patch 5.3, according to a tweet from Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street:
Heirloom shields were amongst the things that didn't quite make the cut for patch 5.2. Blizzard Senior Community Rep Jonathan "Zarhym" Brown posted the following a little while back on the official forums by way of explanation for their absence:
Heirloom shields were originally planned to be added in patch 5.2, but, unfortunately, due to a late-breaking bug with these items which prevented them from properly scaling with level, we had to remove them. We still want to get these shields in the game and plan to do so in a future patch.

Many were disappointed, as we all recognize the urge to turn our green slots gold, and shields are certainly not among the easiest items to come by when leveling up, which is, of course, particularly important for tanking classes. Now we can start getting excited about earning justice points again! Healers can easily get by with heirloom items such as the Dignified Headmaster's Charge, but the addition of a healing shield might also be no bad thing.

Will you buy an heirloom shield? What other heirlooms would you like to see?

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