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Kindle iOS app adds new features for visually impaired


The Kindle iOS app (free) was updated to version 3.7 today, bringing with it a handful of new features to make life easier for blind and visually impaired customers and to anyone who wants to review a book or read recommendations for similar books.

To help the visually impaired navigate their Kindle libraries, the Kindle app now supplies directions via VoiceOver. Once VoiceOver is enabled for the entire device through the Settings app, Kindle not only provides verbal directions for each button and control on the screen, but also helps in terms of reading the books as well. Sliding a finger down or up a page reads the text one line at a time.

The "Go To" menu now accesses the powerful "Before you go..." page, very useful when you've finished reading a book and want to leave a review. Reviews can be made and submitted from within the Kindle app and you can share the fact that you've finished a book with friends via Twitter, Facebook, or E-mail. Tapping on a cover image for a recommended book gives readers a choice to add that book to their wish list, get an email about the book, or download a sample of it.

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