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League of Legends' new Champion is a witchy woman

Jordan Mallory

Lissandra the Ice Witch, League of Legends' newest Champion, is now available as part of the game's ongoing battle for the Freljord. Lissandra's abilities favor swift movement and crowd control over excessive damage output, though she seems entirely capable of the latter when need be. The new Champion's Bloodstone skin is on sale for 1462 Riot Points (down from 1950) until the end of the weekend.

As far as the devious role Lissandra the Ice Witch plays in LoL's vast mythos, you'll have to scope out the story trailer frozen beyond the veil. In related news, the "Howling Abyss" map added last month is now included in the game's "All Random All Mid," or "ARAM" matchmaking system. A new rerolling mechanic has also been introduced, which allows players a second chance at randomly selecting a character, provided they've earned enough points in previous Howling Abyss matches.

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