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AT&T's Galaxy Note getting Jelly Bean via Kies on May 3rd (updated)


After watching its international counterpart make the jump to Jelly Bean, Ma Bell's version of the original Galaxy Note is finally scheduled to receive its due. Starting on Thursday, Samsung's Kies servers will begin offering Android 4.1.2 to AT&T customers rocking the smartphone / tablet hybrid. While the update brings a host of new features, the main course is the introduction of Popup capabilities for notes, video and browsing. Surprisingly absent from AT&T's changelog is a mention of Google Now, which is typically embedded in devices running Jelly Bean. We'll reach out to the carrier for clarity on this missing item, but in the meantime classic Note owners, prepare to bid Ice Cream Sandwich adieu.

Update: In response to our inquiry, AT&T has informed us that Google Now is a go.

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