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Stonehearth builds a giant tips bucket on Kickstarter [update: goal met]


Stonehearth, a blocky sandbox strategy game from Radiant Entertainment, has taken to Kickstarter for funding. Set in a fantasy realm, Stonehearth is a Windows PC game in which you nurture the development of a small band of humans.

Stonehearth utilizes procedurally generated terrain and dynamic AI encounters to instill variety into each play session. The game's also been built to be highly moddable; it will ship with tools and guides to help people customize just about everything.

By the time you're reading this, Stonehearth will in all likelihood have met its goal of $120,000, with 28 days left to go. [Update: Just as we thought, Radiant has met its goal of $120,000.] If $200,000 is raised, Mac and Linux ports will be developed. Meanwhile, you can also vote for Stonehearth on Steam Greenlight.

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