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The smell of success: Stinky Footboard raises Kickstarter funding


Montreal-based hardware developer SteLuLu Technologies has reached its Kickstarter funding goal for the Stinky Footboard, a PC peripheral designed to boost player performance with foot-controlled input.

The Stinky Footboard accepts four user-defined inputs, triggering different keypresses and game-specific macros if the player leans his or her foot forward, backward, to the left, or to the right. Citing feedback from professional players, SteLuLu claims that the board offers "more functionality, improved gameplay, enhanced performance, and increased actions per minute." Better still, if you want to exercise all of your limbs at once, SteLuLu notes that it's possible to use two Footboards simultaneously.

Though the product is PC-only at the moment, SteLuLu has announced plans to add Mac support by the end of the year. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3-compatible Footboards are also in the works. SteLuLu expects to ship its first wave of Footboards out to Kickstarter backers in July.

To our knowledge, the Stinky Footboard does not emanate odors of any sort. Thankfully.

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