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DabKick for iPhone lets you share photos, watch videos and now listen to music in real-time


There are a lot of communication tools that help you stay connected with family and friends. One that recently caught my eye is DabKick, which stood out because it lets you share and communicate in a variety of ways. It's a real-time photo viewer, video sharing tool, walkie-talkie, instant messenger, music jukebox and more.

DabKick is useful for people who want to share their life with loved ones who are far away from them. It's not a static service like Facebook, which allows you to post photos and add captions. It lets you connect to others in real time and share photos, YouTube videos and more.

DabKick is geared primarily to share photos and videos. You launch the DabKick app on your iPhone, load up the media you want your friend to see and then select the person with whom you want to share. The person to which you are connected will see your photos or videos as you swipe through them on your iOS device.

A recent update adds the ability to listen to music together. You can share music you find on YouTube in the middle of a conversation or create a playlist that your friends can listen to at a later time. A handy walkie-talkie feature lets you talk to each other while you watch photos or listen to music together. If you don't want to talk, there's also a messaging system that allows you to share your feelings via emoticons or short text messages. When you are done chatting, DabKick will save the session and you can decide who can see the conversation and what media is included.

One of the compelling features of DabKick is its ability to run in a web browser, independent of the DabKick app. You can create a new DabKick session using the iOS app and send your friend a link via email or SMS that'll open DabKick in a mobile or desktop web browser. The recipient only has to click on the link and they are connected to your iPhone. They don't have to install an app or sign up for a DabKick account. You should note that the web version is not as full-featured as the app. Some features, like the walkie-talkie, are not available in the browser. This doesn't detract from the overall usefulness of the app and is just a minor limitation.

DabKick for the iPhone is available for free from the iOS App store. It requires a DabKick account which is also available for free.

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