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Shooting fashion photos with an iPhone


So you're looking for a new career as a fashion photographer. To kickstart your job, look no further than today's iMore post by Rene Ritchie where he asked Mobile Nations' David Lundblad to take high-fashion photos of model Amanda Del Duca in Manhattan's Bryant Park with an iPhone. Videographer Martin Reisch captured video of the modeling session, and the result is a one-of-a-kind blog post that provides some tips on how to use an iPhone to take amazing fashion images.

As Ritchie notes, "nothing beats a DSLR for final photos, but increasingly the iPhone is the new Polaroid for everything else on set." Lundblad uses Camera+ (currently on sale for US$0.99) instead of the standard Camera app to take advantage of the extra control over exposure and focus that it provides.

Ritchie is inviting aspiring fashion photographers to share their work in a forum thread he's started. In the meantime, check out the post for the tips from Ritchie and photographer Lundblad, then start getting your models lined up. We've embedded the iMore video of the shoot below.

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