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    The JukeStyle is a great budget stylus for your iOS devices


    The JukeStyle is a delightful 2-in-1 stylus for iOS device that gives you a pen/stylus combo for just US$10. Its precise, capacitive tip is great for doodling in DrawCast or Draw Something, though it still requires a little zooming in for more detailed illustrations. My Angry Birds scores have improved greatly now that my massive hands don't obscure the screen while I'm aiming.

    Typing on the onscreen keyboard with a stylus still feels unintuitive when you're working with an iPhone, but I've found editing documents and using the stylus to identify and select areas of text is a joy. The iPhone isn't big enough to necessitate the use of a stylus for every day use, but the JukeStyle's precise response on the screen makes me wish I had an iPad.

    Concerns over pocket space have prohibited me from buying a stylus. I already carry a lot of stuff around, and adding a standalone stylus to the equation when my fingers can type just fine doesn't make sense. But I do carry pens, and the JukeStyle's built-in pen made it something I'd regularly grab right before leaving the house even after the review process was over.

    The JukeStyle is a compact, responsive stylus that doubles as a writing tool for when you've got to take notes in an low tech way. At $10 with free shipping, this is the perfect starter stylus for those who want to try one out without making a big investment.

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