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Ex-Bizarre devs Lucid tease possible reveal at next-gen Xbox event


Lucid Games, the UK independent studio formed by former Bizarre Creations staff in 2011, is teasing "mid-May" news of some kind, a window that happens to match up with the expected May 21 reveal of the next Xbox. A recent status update on the studio's Facebook page reads: "So yeah, Mid-May will be interesting for the studio. We have some exciting updates coming. Stay tuned!"

On the same day, Lucid Games re-posted the above image, first published earlier this year. It clearly hints at a 2013 racing game set in London. Given the studio's origins and the timing, it's not a giant leap to say we may be looking at a new Project Gotham Racing game.

Rumors of a return for PGR go as far back as 2010, when, according to a Develop source, it emerged Microsoft was looking for a European developer to take on the series.

When approached, a Lucid Games spokesperson told us he "can't say anything at the moment."

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