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The Sims 4 brings another dose of human experimentation to PC and Mac in 2014


At some point next year, EA will release The Sims 4 on PC and Mac. At least that's what the Madden publisher is saying today alongside news of the game's existence; it's the fourth Sims title handled by the folks at EA Maxis (the same team behind SimCity and Spore, among others). Outside of the game's existence and year-long launch window, EA isn't offering much in the way of details -- we're taking a wild guess that you'll once again be tasked with managing the lives of various sims in their day-to-day affairs. Of course, many folks will indulge their darker side, banishing sims to houses without doors and watching the virtual person's descent into both madness and uncleanliness. Perhaps if their cries for help weren't in simlish, it wouldn't be so adorable (but we doubt it).

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