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Among the Sleep adds support for Oculus Rift, playable alpha coming soon


From our first encounter with it, we've billed Among the Sleep as a horror adventure game told through the eyes of a child. Now, thanks to the Oculus Rift, you can really play through the eyes of a child. The team at Krillbite has already implemented some simple Rift support in Among the Sleep and captured the results on video. As you can see, the Rift really drives home the scale of the game, as players see grandfather clocks tower high above them, or look down and marvel at their own tiny infant body.

The implementation right now is basic, and it will make it into the final version of Among the Sleep, but Krillbite is hopes to add advanced head tracking as the game's first stretch goal on Kickstarter. Right now, even the basic setup looks pretty impressive (and terrifying).

In other news, Krillbite is planning to release a playable alpha of Among the Sleep soon. The team is working to iron out a few bugs and create a feedback system before releasing it publicly. The alpha demo should launch "towards the end of the Kickstarter campaign."

Among the Sleep has currently raised $136,000 of its $200,000 goal with 11 days left to go.

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