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Doritos Crash Course 2 crunches into XBLA tomorrow for free


As free, corporate-sponsored games go, we enjoyed the 2D platforming approximation of Wipeout (the TV show) that was Doritos Crash Course. Also, it was, like most free, corporate-sponsored games, entirely free. This is rarely ever a bad thing. With all that in mind, it's cool to see a sequel coming to XBLA tomorrow, May 8. Yes, it's still free.

As per the first game, you're traversing your Xbox Avatar from left to right and as quick as poss, but this time in four new worlds including an icy one and a pirate-y one. There's online and offline multiplayer for up to four runners, and you can compare your speed against friends via "asynchronous" clips.

Remember, the game's free - no-one's forcing you to buy any chips to play it. At the very least that means free Achievements, which of course is the most important thing.

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