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Hello Games says Joe Danger iOS is a big success, planning an update and more


148Apps recently had a nice chat with Hello Games, the makers of Joe Danger, a motorcycle stunt racing game first for consoles and then for iOS, and the company says that Apple's platform has done very well for them. Throughout the app's life, Joe Danger's been in 5 million crashes total, which hints that a lot of people are enjoying the game via the App Store.

Hello Games also says Joe Danger's due for a big update soon. There will be new characters and levels to play with, and the team is planning to add a daily challenge-style feature that will keep the game fresh on a daily basis, along with some cheat modes to tweak the game with.

And finally, Hello Games hints that it's had some ideas "that have completely spiralled out of control into something else entirely." That could be a new game completely, created specifically to start out on iOS. We'll have to wait and see what that turns out to be. Meanwhile, however, it sounds like Hello Games has been treated well by the release of Joe Danger on iOS.

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