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It's a sabotage: CounterSpy set to infiltrate PS3, PS Vita


Sony will publish CounterSpy, the first game from developer Dynamighty, a San Francisco outfit comprised of former LucasArts and Pixar talent, on PS3 and PS Vita. CounterSpy (working title) is a 2D action and stealth game set during the Cold War, in which you infiltrate Soviet and US military installations and sabotage war efforts to prevent the destruction of mankind. And just maybe set it straight, this Watergate.

Lead designer David Nottingham calls CounterSpy "primarily" a single-player game in the PlayStation Blog announcement, though he adds Dynamighty is "working on some interesting ways to let you compete with friends that go a little beyond traditional high scores." In an interview with Game Informer, Nottingham says an endless mode with procedurally generated levels is also in the works for the extended replay crowd.

There is no launch timeframe for CounterSpy at the moment. All we know is that the game will launch on PS3, PS Vita and mobile platforms – no mention of PS4.

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