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Free TiVo Desktop PC software disappears June 5th, $16 Plus version will remain


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Windows-using TiVo owners should make a beeline for the TiVo Desktop download link below, because on June 5th its free edition is going away. This software allows user to bring their personal music and photos to the TiVo, and more notably, transfer recordings from the DVR to their PCs. The paid version that adds support for transferring videos to the TiVo and DVR recordings to mobile devices will still be available at a cost of $15.99, lowered from $24.99. As ZatzNotFunny points out, there have been indications that a replacement may be in the works, but nothing -- including updates for Windows 8 -- has been promised yet. The free Mac version is still kicking, but it's only good for pushing photos and music to the box, although Tech of the Hub notes several free alternatives (for both platforms) including kmttg, PyTiVo and iTivo. The current software hadn't seen many updates recently, so if this is just clearing the table for a version that ties into the TiVo Stream transcoder, it might be worthwhile.

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