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What one thing should Blizzard implement to make WoW better?


We happened upon a great thread today on Reddit, created by user Zimraphel, which asked other Reddit users to name features that would make the game better for them. I really liked this idea, and particularly some of the responses. Zimraphel placed no emphasis on realism in the suggestions, nor on the likelihood of their being implemented, so we will do the same here.

There were several answers that particularly piqued my interest, including one saying that Blizzard should implement a bulk server transfer at a reduced rate. Many players have several characters on a server, it's rare that, on your main server, you have only one character that you'd want to take with you if you transferred, and the $25 cost is considerable for what could be 11 characters. A bulk transfer service with a reduced cost would be a great idea. Another idea I really liked was the one to have the option to transfer your whole account to another region, such as switching it from the US to the EU.

And an option for tanks to disable auto-taunt from pets! What about you, what would you add to WoW? I'd love portals in other main cities, back to the Shrine or whichever city has all the portals in it. I want to hang out in Ironforge, but it's so much more inconvenient and I'm really rather lazy. Think outside the box, though, the world is your oyster!

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