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Wii U Frostbite engine tests yield 'not too promising' results


EA DICE technical director Johan Andersson revealed that the developer's Frostbite 3 engine, which powers Battlefield 4 and the next entries in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises, does not run on Nintendo's Wii U.

Responding to fan questions on Twitter, Andersson explained that DICE's Wii U experiments with Frostbite 2 had "not too promising" results, leading to the company abandoning efforts to get Frostbite 3 up and running on Nintendo's latest console.

During the Game Developers Conference in March, Epic Games' Mark Rein noted that Unreal Engine 4 does not currently run on the Wii U. Rein later clarified, explaining that licensed developers could potentially port Unreal Engine 4-powered games to the Wii U, at their discretion.

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