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Dead Space 3 sales below EA expectation, pace slower than sequel at retail


Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen stated during the company's year-end financial call yesterday that Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 didn't meet sales expectations, but avoided providing any sales numbers. We do know EA planned on a strong showing at launch of Dead Space 3, since Dead Space 2's launch beat the original game two-to-one, according to the company. Data provided by NPD reveals DS3 didn't even perform as well as DS2 at retail.

A straight comparison of Dead Space 3 versus Dead Space 2 'at the same life stage' would be difficult, since DS2 launched late in January of '11 and DS3 came out in early February this year.

"Dead Space 3 units sales were only two percent lower than Dead Space 2," NPD told us, comparing the per day average.

Although the latest sequel's retail performance didn't meet the publisher's forecast, EA emphatically denied in early March that production of Dead Space 4 had been cancelled.

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