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T-Mobile USA Q1 2013 revenue drops 5 percent for second consecutive quarter to $4.7 billion


T-Mobile USA has been making a big push for pre-paid customers since it launched its Uncarrier plans in March, and it seems to be working -- unfortunately, at the expense of more lucrative post-paid clients. While pre-paid revenue bumped to $503 million over $474 million last quarter, post-paid revenue fell to $3.2 billion, a drop of 4.7 percent, and overall revenue dropped by about the same percentage to $4.7 billion from $4.9 billion in Q4 2012. Net income also swooned year-over-year to $107 million from $200 million, but was up over last quarter, when the company took a small net loss.

On the bright side, the company did pick up 579,000 customers in total, and claimed its lowest client turnover rate, 1.9 percent, since way back in 2008. Another silver lining has been the addition of the iPhone, as the company has already pushed around 500,000 of the 4, 4S and 5 models out the door since it launched at the Uncarrier event -- perhaps due to the very attractive pricing. Of course, with MetroPCS soon joining forces with T-Mo thanks to the recent merger, all that might change -- once we see how the powers-that-be decide to divvy up the two carriers.

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