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UFO Online lands in open beta today

MJ Guthrie

It's been a little while since we've heard about about UFO Online; the last time we checked in, open beta was slated for August 2012. But whatever hurdles Gamigo's alien-invasion title faced to get to the open beta point have apparently been surmounted as the doors are being thrown open today for all to join in. Launch is expected to follow shortly.

During the extended course of closed beta testing, the studio reworked and added quite a bit. On top of a comprehensive tutorial to introduce the game, UFO Online has new task and mission systems, expanded research and upgrade systems, an improved UI, and improved effects graphics. The turn-based game also offers more tactical depth to giving hit zones varying degrees of armor.

To jump in on the open-beta fun, just visit the official site (but be sure to have Google translator ready!).

[Source: Gamigo press release]

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