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What's your favorite Mists 5-man or scenario?


A friend and former WoW player asked me a question yesterday that left me hemming and hawing: What's my favorite instance in Mists of Pandaria and why? I found myself looping about in circles, citing oddities that tickle my fancy and new fight mechanics that entertain. When it became apparent that I wasn't coming up with a firm response, my friend scoffed that perhaps Mists hadn't presented me with a scenario worth appreciating. "Aha!" I cried. "Scenarios!" And I launched into a lengthy description of scenarios, happily diverting his attention from the fact that, well, I can't seem to choose a favorite Mists instance.

Can you? Is there a Mists 5-man that rises to the top of your list as a favorite? I'll toss scenarios in there too, just to broaden the field. What about your favorite 5-man or scenario makes it enjoyable for you? Is it the setting, the music, the story? Or confess your greed: Is it more that the loot inside is your favorite loot?

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