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Manhunt goes to PS2 Classics on May 14


Rockstar North's stealth slash slaughter game, Manhunt, launches on PSN next week on May 14, available in the PS2 Classics section for $10. European PSN users will have to wait until Wednesday, when their store is updated.

In the announcement post, Rockstar also says the next game up for re-release is The Warriors. Manhunt joins Bully, Midnight Club 3, Red Dead Revolver and various Grand Theft Auto games, all available on PSN now.

The PS2 Classic generated much controversy when it launched in 2003 for its gruesome murder scenarios and animations – a few examples include suffocating enemies with plastic bags, strangling them with wire and eviscerating others with table saws. In 2007, Rockstar produced a sequel in Manhunt 2, which was banned in the UK for almost six months before it was cleared for launch.

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