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GamersGate offering Bethesda's best for cheap this weekend


GamersGate is hosting a big sale on Bethesda titles this weekend, featuring games from the last few years of the company's history on sale for a fraction of the usual price. Dishonored, for example, is available for a low $14.99, or you can get Skyrim for $14.95, Rage for $9.95, or Fallout: New Vegas' Ultimate Edition for $9.95. Brink, Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Morrowind are all listed at bargain prices as well.

A few of the titles have dropped out of stock already, which means that GamersGate has run out of digital keys for them. But as long as the title is still available for purchase, you can buy it, and then GamersGate will deliver a key when more are available. The deals last through the weekend, so now's your chance to fill out that Bethesda back catalog you've been missing.

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